First blog post – Sure is!

Yes, as the generic title that this website provided me says, this is my first blog post. Im new to this, which means I don’t quite know what THIS is.. To me this is a place where i’m going to share my travels, and my eats with anyone who has a spare second to read. This is going to be my outlet to share with the online community what happens when I leave the house, and mostly leave the city I live in. Reading blogs, and listening to the successful travel bloggers, I’ve come to realize that sharing is fun. Not only do I get to experience these amazing places, and the amazing food along the way, I get to share these things with you!

I currently work full time in an industry that allows me to travel. On top of that, my closest friends have been a huge influence on me as far a traveling and stepping out of my comfort zone. I grew up as that eater who was plain. For some parts I still am. I was that peanut butter sandwich with the crust cut off kid. I’d like to think I’ve changed a bit. Living on my own has led to me learning to cook, but not just cook. COOK. If I want to eat well, I have to make it. That led to me learning to eat well, and make food that was good. This passion translated into me travelling. When I travel, I look for unique, interesting places to eat. I was tired of travelling with co-workers and going to Outback steak house in the same city every time we’re there. I need to follow this by saying I’m still not a complete risk taker yet either. Alcohol helps.

This is going to be a site full of my explorations of around the world. Take it how you will.

Love to hear your feedback!



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