My Top 5 World Showcase Restaurants

Where do I begin? Disney dining as a whole is an experience that I must recommend for everyone. In world showcase alone, the 11 amazing countries that are represented bring a small sample of their culture. I Haven’t eaten at all of the restaurants, but here is my top 5 world showcase table service restaurants.


1.)  Teppen Edo

Located in the Japan pavilion, this Teppanyaki-style restaurant has an amazing menu, and an even better atmosphere. The theme throughout Disney is being immersed into the experience. Teppen Edo does just that. The chefs prepare your food right in front of you at your table.


2.) La Hacienda de San Ángel

Located in the Mexico Pavilion, on waters Edge. I was lucky enough to have a window table, in view of the the World Showcase Lagoon for illuminations, which I highly recommend you do if you can get the chance. The menu was great! I ordered a taco sampler, which came with three different meat options. I had to pair it with a traditional margarita, and was certainly not disappointed!



3.) Le Cellier Steakhouse

Not just because I’m Canadian, but because I truly had the best steak I have ever had. I got an amazingly cooked steak, on a bed of risotto. For an appetizer I had the steamed muscles. This certainly is a good representation of the some of Canadas best cuisine. One thing that did stand out to me, and spoiler alert! The poutine they do serve is not like the gravy covered goodness we make up here in the North. By all means, it was good, and I would recommend it if you’ve never tried, but I challenge you to come to Canada and try a real, cheese curd covered delicacy. The Canadian pavilion is gorgeous I must add as well. The waterfalls and the Rocky Mountain’s that they’ve created are certainly breathtaking and extremely close to the real thing.



4.) Via Napoli Pizzaria e Ristorante

Located in the Italian Pavilion. The food here is to die for. I have to recommend a few things. Pitcher of Sangria. Must do. Appetizer, Prosciutto e Melone. For those of you that haven’t had it, its the perfect blend of salty and savoury with sweet. For those that have had it, I know my small mind was blown away by something so simple, but I just have to pass this on to others! For my entree, I think there is no choice. Pizza. The authentic wood oven, the many different topping options, all these factor in to the perfect pizza.


5.) Biergarten

This buffet style Restaurant is located in the Germany Pavillion. I know this goes without saying for most Disney Dining places, but for this one, please visit with an appetite. The large wooden authentic old-school Germany feel makes this large space, homey. This is a large party, buffet style Feast. Many different traditional German dishes, but something that stands out to me, is the large 1-litre Beer Steins. Almost too heavy for you to carry. I was lucky enough to visit as part of a large group, getting a longer table so everyone was together was easy to do. Being a buffet, it makes the large group dynamic a little easier. Ordering in groups larger then 6 become an issue, so having everyone eat at their own pace is great!


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