Drop what you’re doing, and travel.

Do you ever get that urge to just drop what you’re doing, head to the airport and go anywhere? When I say anywhere, I literally mean get on the next plane leaving, and just see where you end up. Im having one of those days.

If you could drop what ever you are doing and go somewhere, where would you go? I frequently ask these questions on social media. It all depends on the mood you’re in right? I know when I’m super stressed, I have the urge to park my butt on a beach somewhere, with an ice cold cocktail and just enjoy the peaceful sound of the ocean. There are days where I want to explore. Go somewhere with extensive history behind it. Old buildings, winding streets, the old pub on the corner. These places have stories to tell, and I want to listen.

The problem I have when I go on most of my vacations is I come home more tired then when I left. That comes with the territory. I often look for the balance between relaxing and exploring. Recent trips to Disney certainly has that. I love exploring the many attractions and themed areas. As well as eating at the many places to eat. You can find some of my top eats here My Top 5 World Showcase Restaurants. I know I talk a lot about Disney, and maybe thats because I love it, but there truly is a great balance of relaxation and exploration to be had there. Don’t get me started on the disney cruise line.

Obviously being an adult with responsibilities and a full time job, it makes dropping everything and leaving a little harder. But don’t you wish you could? Don’t you wish that the moment arose where this could be possible? Just leave. Go.

Food for thought.




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