6 In-Hotel room Tips

Take it from people who travel frequently, hotel rooms sometimes aren’t equipped to support your lifestyle. Here are some tips and tricks I use when I travel to make things a little better for me!

Get a USB Extender for your phone/tablet charger

The worst is when that outlet beside your bed is just a little too far, and either your phone is dead and you need to be plugged in, or you’re too lazy to get out of bed. This extension will allow you to plug in your usb cable to the plug in the wall and give you that extra distance to make it to the bed or couch or where ever you need it to be.


Cube Tap

This one plug allows you to plug in your phone charger, tablet charger, mac book charger or what ever device you need to charge at the same time. I know most hotels aren’t setup to support todays modern obsession with devices and certainly makes things are little inconvenient. Be careful, this tip doesn’t help you with all of your power issues. Make sure you’re not plugging in your hair straightener and hair dryer and using them both at the same time. They don’t like that.



Free water? Put in the fridge asap

A lot of hotels give you two bottles of complimentary water in your room. What I do, is place both bottles in the fridge immediately. Not only does that cool them for later, but it also makes sure that when your room gets refreshed the following morning, you get left two new bottles of water. If you are there for a long stay, this comes in handy down the road, especially if you are out and exploring the city you are in. Free, cold bottles of water are a great resource to have! Just make sure the bottles are free, some hotels charge for their in-room bottled water, or have both free and paid bottles of two separate brands. Make sure you read the tag or notes in the hotel room!





Tired of boring Hotel TV? Stream your own content!

Travelling as much as I do, the regional TV in most cities is terrible. Finding the show or movie you crave is even harder to do, and watching on your phone/tablet/laptop can get annoying. What I do is travel with a Google Chromecast. Its small, lightweight and does exactly what you need it to do. Simply plug it into the TVs HDMI port, and stream your show from your device to the TV. Neat huh?

chromecastNeed a humidifier in your room?

This is for the hotels that don’t or cant provide your room with a humidifier. I sometimes get nosebleeds from the dry air in the hotel rooms. If you cant get your hands on one, Just take your ironing board or chair from your room, and place it beside the A/C unit in your room. Take a damp or wet towel and place it beside the unit. It will act as a makeshift humidifier for your room! Try it, it works!





Curtains in your room not closing all the way leaving that tiny little Gap?

I hate it. You are awoken by that tiny beam of light that comes through your window. Here’s what you do. Go to the closet, take one of the hangars with the clips on the bottom. Take it to the window, use the clips to attach the two curtains together and voila, problem solved! Simple, free hack!


Hope this helps!



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