RedHook Lobster Pound – Brooklyn, New York!

My recent travels to New York brought me to this amazing eatery in Brooklyn. I was in a small neighbourhood called Red Hook. Right away, the people of red hook are extremely passionate about being in Red Hook. The first thing that caught my eye, and the topic of this post was the Red Hook Lobster Pound. What a place!

We were in town for business and we stopped in three times, so we got to know the place well. We sat on the patio, which is in front of a large window. In the window you can see their two large lobster storage tanks. Couldn’t be more fresh then that. With the group I was with, we all ordered different Items. The Lobster mac and cheese, the fish and chips and the lobster cheese fries.



Lets start with the Lobster Mac and Cheese. Great size portion! It comes in a oval dish, heaping with cheese and lobster. Extremely cheesy, and tastes tremendous. The Fish and chips is a classic. Any sea food restaurant cant be a good seafood restaurant without a good Fish and Chips. Large Pieces! Thats what I need to say about this. The breading was fantastic, and it was perfectly cooked. Great cuts of fish as well. The cheese fries were heaping! huge chunks of lobster, and amazing tasting fries. The dish is easily shared between a larger group.



I certainly recommend all three of these dishes! The staff were fantastic, helpful and a treat to converse with. The prices were reasonable. I loved the atmosphere.



One thing I have to throw in here, this place has the weirdest washroom I have ever been in. I will leave it at that, you must go look!

I highly recommend this place. Its quirky. Its a great place to stop for a drink or food. Love the patio. Its just great!






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