Airport Feels

Recent travels, and current thoughts. There are so many emotions that can be identified in the airport. From walking in, the people you encounter.

The airline staff that help you when you arrive, you can see frustration. The frustration with the people they encounter that can’t follow simple instructions. The daily grind, dealing with the same issues. The passenger that believes their issue is more important then everyone else’s.

The security and customs staff the seriousness. They are tasked with some of the hardest jobs on the earth. They must be perfect. Each mistake could be costly.

The passenger who hates flying, and the fear of going through the process and getting on the plane. The fear.

The business traveller. The person who lives in the suitcase that they’re dragging behind them, glued to their phone. Living the day Text-to-text and email-email. Conversing with only the names in your address books, and not to faces.

The pilot. The start of a long day, the cross atlantic. The one who has to answer harder questions then “Pretzels or cookies?” The lives of everyone on the plane rests in their hands. The meticulous routine that they’ve done a hundred times, but still can’t skip steps.

The returning passenger. The one who has been away for school or work for an extended period of time. Maybe you’re visiting family. The person who has to say goodbye for a long time, or the one who us just returning. The emptiness that some have. The knowledge of knowing you are leaving home for a long time, travelling by yourself. There are to be many nights alone in the hotel room. The look in peoples eyes tells all. As I write this I am sitting at a breakfast place just watching. Watching people come and go. Everyone has a different story to tell.

Some of the most real emotion ever takes places in the airport.

Can you name a situation that you’ve felt different when you’ve been traveling? What did you feel? Why? Where were you going? Shoot us a message, I’d love to hear the travel experience through your eyes.


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