Momofuku Toronto – Enjoying David Chang’s Jem

This isn’t going to be a full review. Just some thoughts and more of an appreciation post. I visited a restaurant in Toronto, Ontario, Called Momofuku. For those who don’t know, the Momofuku group of eateries was founded by chef David Chang. I took interest in David while watching Mind of a Chef, an Anthony Bourdain show which aired on PBS. Momofuku, which first opened its doors in New York, has made its way around some other US cities, and finally, Toronto, Canada.



Momofuku Toronto is located on University Avenue, Attached to the Shangri La hotel. The building has a few restaurants inside, all of which are part of the Momofuku empire. Being my first trip to one of his places, I figured I would start with the original Momofuku Noodle Bar, and leave the exploring of the other places for later.

Steamed pork buns. Need I say more? This delicious appetizer tasted amazing. Flavours I cannot describe. The presentation was amazing as well!F8046E15-AB02-4E56-BD3B-FF8E7C415C03

For my entree,  Pork Raman. Oh boy. Watching how David makes this on the show, and finally sitting down to enjoy an authentic bowl of Momofuku Raman, a dream come true.


Upstairs are Daisho, Nikai, Shoto and Milk Bar. We popped upstairs to visit Milk Bar before we left. There is a walk-in refrigerator which has all of the unique baked goods that are from Milk Bar. Im really kicking my self now that I didn’t get a picture, but they were too good to wait. The b’day truffles or the chocolate malt cake truffles. Ugh. Just. Do it.

I don’t got into much detail with this post, but I needed to share my appreciation for this amazing Chef, and what he has created. You really need to check it out. He has locations it a lot of the major cities across the US, so no excuse!

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