Disney Feels

Taking a moment to yourself, taking a moment to let it all soak in. You’re in Walt Disney World. A place that often, is called the happiest place on earth. For some, it’s a place to take their family, to ride rides, and enjoy endless entertainment. For others, it’s a retreat to the world of fantasy and myth. The place that keeps dreams alive for everyone. Have you ever had the chance to be the last one in one of the parks? Being the last one to walk down Main Street, USA, or putting the Tree of Life behind you as you walk out the Animal Kingdom front gate. These are moments that, out of the thousands that walk through the gates in the morning, only a few get to experience per day.

I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the last few out of the parks on several occasions, and to most this may not hold any meaning, but to some its quite the opposite. There are a few things that are rare, and that’s to be in a theme park that is silent. The silence you encounter as you wander gives you time to reflect on the place you’re in and what it stands for. What meaning that, that ground has to so many people. The culture that was created, the endless relationships, the dreams come true. There are so many ways to think about Walt Disney World, and what it has changed in everyone.

I’m going to leave you with one thought. Don’t let the only memories you have of Disney world come through the viewfinder of your camera. Enjoy the moment. Taking photos is great, having those memories to look back on and think about the times you had are important. But living them, and seeing those moments through your own eyes, is way more magical.



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