Planning a trip with a group & keeping everyone happy

Not a good start eh? So you are in a scenario where you need to get a trip planned for a group. Chances are, there are varying personalities and likes in your melting pot of a vacation party. How do you keep everyone happy? How do you find the right destination that fits for all, or most? How does your activity itinerary make the trip memorable for everyone. These are tough questions to answer, and certainly harder to execute. Lets see if we can get through some of this together.

First things first, When. 

Picking a time of year for your vacation is the first step to success. Are the kids in school? If so, can they afford to miss school? What part of the work year would you consider “slow” for you. Find the right time for you to go, and matching that with a destination is the place to start. This leads us to our next challenge.

Where do you want to go?

This might be a snakes and ladders type move, because depending on where you want to go, you may have to return back to step one. Picking a destination for everyone is a super challenging task. If you have young kids, keeping them engaged is key, while finding time to relax for you. Travelling to a historical destination that doesn’t have entertainment for the young ones wouldn’t be wise. A place like Walt Disney World, has a huge draw for the entire family, but picking Disney world has to be done correctly. Time of year is a big factor to your families enjoyment, so make sure you pick the correct time of year for your selected destination.

Planning the specifics

Each family or travel group has individual needs. From planning the meals, or activities. Each group will encounter challenges. Going back to our example of picking Disney world, how do you pick where you want to eat? Using blogs or guides for local eateries or recommended places to eat will go a long way. For example, using guides like our Top 5 Places to eat in the World Showcase, will help make the planning easier!

In the end, making the decisions for a trip, has to be made for the greater good. Its inevitable to have someone not like every single decision made, thats life. They’ll get over it. Don’t forget, have fun. Its your vacation after all!


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