Efficiently using FP+ – Guide to Fastpass’ing at WDW


So you’ve booked your trip to Walt Disney World. Whether you are staying on property or not, you can and should take advantage of Fast Pass Plus. Disney World vacations now require a lot more planning in advance then before. Using FP+ or Fast Pass Plus is just one of those ways to plan your trip way in advance of your arrival. For those who don’t like to plan their day as much, you can still visit without using FP+, but you will wait in line significantly longer for those E-Ticket attractions.

Here we go:

Buying your ticket at least 60 Days in advance

This is may seem like an easy one, but this is one of the most important. Your Fast Pass+ booking window opens 60 Days prior to your reservation at 07:00am EST. Which means, for most of us, getting up early on the day your booking window opens and being parked in front of your computer with a coffee and your list is essential.

We will get back to the list part, but coming up with a rough schedule is our second tip

Check park hours, and build your trips rough outline:

This is a planning tip I usually start with for my trip as a whole. Creating a day to day outline by looking at park hours, and special events is how I decide where I’m going to spend my days. If I’m staying on property, making sure my week follows the extra magic hours schedule will make sure you maximize your in-park time. Also knowing if there are any special events or closures for private parties, things you either want to be apart of or want to avoid. Knowing what park you are going to on which day will go a long way to your planning.

Making a list of attractions you’re interested in per park:

This is an awesome part of planning. I love travelling to WDW with people who have never been, or those who haven’t been back in years. Try this: Sit down, put the website or app up on the TV, and go through park by park and make a list of attractions you want to try. Next, take that list, and pick 6 attractions you want FP+’s for. I know I know, you only get to select 3, but I got you to pick 6 because im going to bet that at least 3 of them are going to be in the same category, and you will only get to pick one of those. Ill explain. “E Ticket” attractions are lumped together, and the app only allows you to pick one per day, in advance. For example, Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Toy Story – Midway Mania. You will only be allowed to Fast Pass+ one of those. I know they are all on your list, which is why I got you to pick 6. My advice to you, is pick the one that’s the hardest to get, and carries the longest standby time. Take a look at this article, It will certainly help explain!

And the best tip of all:

Once you’re done your three – book more!

The app or visiting a kiosk, will allow you to book additional FP+’s once you have completed your previously scheduled 3. Don’t forget to take advantage of this!


These tips might differ from other seasoned Disney World veterans, but this is my trusted method that works for me. Once you go a few times, you will get in your own rhythm. Do what’s best for your party. Most of all, enjoy yourself!

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