D23 – What we know – WDW

Now that we have all come down from the excitement of D23 this past weekend, I think we need to de-brief what we know is now coming to WDW in the near future, and things we are most excited about. I’m limiting this specifically to WDW, otherwise this post will go on forever! Here are the new announcements in particular order:

Star Wars Resort

This newly confirmed experience will immerse guests somewhere in a far far away galaxy. From what we are learning, you will be playing out a storyline complete with costume and dining. This sounds like an extremely cool experience!


Rattatouie Ride – Epcot

This attraction will be making its way from Disneyland Paris, and entering Epcot in the France pavilion. This is the second time we are seeing a movie now be added to the World Showcase.

Rattatouille Ride.jpg

Tron Lightcycle– Magic Kingdom

This is probably what I am most excited for. The introduction of the Tron Lightcycle ride from Shanghai Disney. From what we have seen, this attraction is going to be amazing. This new building is going to be landing somewhere beside Space Mountain, and near the Tomorrowland Speedway.


New Theater Location – Magic Kingdom

We have also learned that Magic Kingdom will be getting a brand new, indoor theatre facitlity. This facility will open its doors on Main Street USA. Hopefully bringing a brand new show, or potentially Frozen, From Disneyland?


We have a name!

We finally have learned the name for the new Star Wars Land. Galaxies Edge! Exciting!


Mission Space Upgrades! – Epcot

We are getting a new mission! This amazing, centrifuge attraction in Epcot is finally getting the update it deserves. The new mission is apparently going to be unveiled sometime in early August. Coming with this upgrade is new Mission Space dining! Not many details have been released, but we would assume this eatery will be built into the existing building, or maybe the life and health pavilion?

mission space.jpg

Saying Goodbye to the Great Movie Ride

We have to say goodbye to the second last, original attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is going to be replaced by a Mickey Mouse – Shorts ride. It’s sad to see her go!



Guardians of…Ellen?

Universe of energy, is going the way of the dodo, and in comes Guardians of the Galaxy! This is super super exciting as Disney World gets their turn with Guardians, and we get to keep our tower hehe


New Transportation!

Disney announced their new App-based cab service called Minnie Vans. Similar to Uber you will be able to route a cab through an app on property for a fixed fee. And of course, the fleet is designed beautifully!

Minnie Vans.jpeg

There were so many other amazing announcements made at D23, but I wanted to keep this just to WDW. Feel free to let us know what you think! What are you most excited for? Are you feeling upset about the attractions we are losing?



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