That Feeling when you book…

Have you ever had that feeling when you are sitting at home, and the travel lightbulb goes off? I’m currently sitting at the airport thinking to myself, how did this happen so fast. I’m heading to San Antonio, Texas. About to explore what this great town in Texas has to offer. The plan after that was to spend a week in Miami, Florida. The idea was to fly From SAT to MIA, spend two days off before a conference in Miami. When I was booking the San Antonio to Miami flight, there didn’t seem to be a convenient, direct flight. Thinking I wanted to spend my 48 hours planted on a beach. A thought occurred. How far is Orlando, from Miami. And the ball kinda started rolling from there. If I fly out of San Antonio, how easy will it be to fly to Orlando, and then get to Miami. Quite easy I quickly learned.


So I jumped all over booking a super early flight out of Texas, getting me into Orlando for 10am. Picking up a rental car, and booking it to WDW. Two days at the park, one night at a resort, and then book it to Miami to be there sometime overnight Sunday. Crazy? Yeap. I’m crazy. But you’re telling me, no other Crazy WDW fan wouldn’t do the same thing? Especially considering I’m going to be down there in 22 days, and I couldn’t even wait.


That feeling.

Thanks for reading


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